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Voyaging the Oceans of Possibilities

Exploring our Inner Ocean's Subtle Guidance during Times of Turbulence

  • Started May 20
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  • Class: WildCat Studio, 2525 8th St., Berkeley, CA, 94705; Workshop: Kensington

Service Description

✨ The vast emptiness in the universe is full of potential and possibility. Our bodies also contain lots of space empty of matter but full of energy and inner wisdom. 🌊 What questions or subtle messages about our Life's calling may be stirring in our inner ocean’s depths? How might these messages support us in navigating times of uncertainty? 🌎 I invite you to a voyage of becoming curious about the subtle messages of our soul. Carried by a supportive raft of fellow travelers, and nourished by our great Mother Ocean of Life, I invite us to befriend those inner soul spaces together. Here is a welcome video: REGISTRATION DETAILS AND FEES: - On May 20 we will gather for a 2-hour Biodanza Class at WildCat Studio; FEE: $20 - $40 sliding scale - On June 17 will be a 4-hour workshop at a private location in Kensington (East Bay); FEE: $33 - $100 sliding scale - LIMITED WORK EXCHANGE options available. - Please email me directly to register ( - Payment details will be sent upon registration (Venmo, Zelle, check) The “ocean of possibility” theme was inspired by a trip to the Mendocino Coast last winter. Deeply moved by the beauty of the Mendocino coast while preparing for several experiential offerings, the preciousness and significance of the “ocean” spaces in Biodanza became very palpable to me. Since then, I have noticed that exploring this theme has helped me trust my intuition more and listen more attentively to subtle messages Life is offering everywhere. -🌊. WORKSHOP: Our 4-hour voyage will include two Biodanza journeys, accompanied by poetry and time for facilitated personal and group creative reflection. Gluten-free snacks and tea provided. You are welcome to stay a bit longer to “break bread” together afterwards. Open to Newcomers!

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