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Photo Credit: Los Angeles School of Biodanza

Photo Credit: Los Angeles School of Biodanza

About Us

Hi, I am Babsi! And I love Biodanza!  
I so look forward to sharing this life-changing practice with you!

What is Biodanza?


Biodanza, which means “dance of life,” is a globally practiced healing system that integrates inspiring music, authentic movement, and heartfelt connection with all of life. Referred to as the “poetry of human encounter,” this beautiful practice nurtures our innate potentials to celebrate life to the fullest and to open our hearts to ourselves, each other, and the world.

Biodanza originated in the 60s in Chile and Brazil, under the wings of anthropologist, psychologist and artist Rolando Toro, Ph.D. Since then, Biodanza has spread to all continents. Every day, thousands of groups all over the world join in the Dance of Life.

Here a more extensive definition by Roldando Toro, Ph.D.:


“Biodanza is a system of acceleration of integrative existential processes: psychological, neurological, endocrinological, and immunological. The practice is based on the creation of an enriched environment with carefully selected stimuli. The proposal is through music, exercises and dynamics capable of generating experiences that stimulate neuronal plasticity. The experiences stimulate the creation of new synaptic networks that awaken a series of potentials which previously had no means of expression. It’s a highly integrative process, which has prophylactic and curative effects.” (Rolando Toro Araneda)

There are over 2500 facilitators worldwide, and over 250 schools of Biodanza. I am so grateful to all my teachers of Biodanza, and I look forward to sharing this amazing practice with you!

For other Biodanza classes in the US, please see Biodanza in California - Home; Los Angeles School of BIODANZA ( and Biodanza,USA - Biodanza USA.

What is a Biodanza class?

In every Biodanza class, we practice the joy of being alive in the here and now. Facilitators guide participants through a carefully crafted sequence of exercises and beautiful music to create a nourishing environment for an integrative, restorative, and healing experience.

During a 90-minute period, participants enter a journey that begins with an active and playful phase and then carefully transitions into a relaxing, deeply replenishing phase. The facilitators invite participants to dance in the welcoming circle of the group, in a variety of connective exercises in small groups or partner exercises, in deep intimacy with yourself, and in expansive connection with all of life.

Each Biodanza class is designed AS an ecosystem. Facilitators intentionally prepare an organic sequence of exercises that embody nature's wisdom, enriched by a carefully curated nurturing environment.

Here is a short 3-minute video on Biodanza

Biodanza: Dance of Life, San Francisco School of Biodanza, USA (short version) - YouTube

No prior dance or movement experience needed! Please go to Classes to see our current offerings.

Photo Credit: Los Angeles School of Biodanza

Photo Credit: Los Angeles School of Biodanza


About Babsi

Babsi at beach extending.jpg
Barbara Widhalm, Ph.D. (Babsi)

I encountered Biodanza over twenty years ago, during a trip to my hometown, Vienna, Austria, and I have been in love with this beautiful practice ever since! Biodanza has been truly transformative in my life!

I started my training with the San Francisco School of Biodanza in 2004 and graduated from the Los Angeles School of Biodanza in 2019. As I jokingly state, completing my training (due to life circumstances) took me twice as long as getting my Ph.D. That's because Biodanza is twice as important and infinitely more transformative :)  

In addition to being a Biodanza facilitator, I am a mom, community baker, college professor, and facilitator of a range of integrative community experiences. I hold a doctorate in Transformative Learning and Change and a Masters in Community and Regional Planning. Feel free to visit my Linkedin page for my academic background.

Biodanza is grounded in the wisdom of life

As a student and professor of systems thinking, I love how Biodanza is rooted in the principles of ecology and the theory of living systems. Rolando Toro wrote about the ecological and systemic roots of Biodanza extensively. Rolando Toro’s definitions of the “biocentric principle” and “vital unconscious” —core concepts in Biodanza— draw from the organizing principles of life itself. In my dissertation and Biodanza monography, I explored why Biodanza is a living system and how Biodanza facilitators can nourish Biodanza classes AS living systems. Feel free to take a peek at my Biodanza monography (En cada vivencia nacen bebés: Biodanza as a Living Systemhere, and if you wish, you can access my dissertation (Nature as Guide to Vibrant Learning) here.  Lately, I have also become more curious about the generative "spaces in-between," the vacuum spaces rich in potential, which I called the "ocean of possibilities" in a recent presentation for US Facilitators. Feel free to have a look and to check out my welcome videos to our Voyaging the Oceans of Possibility Series. 

Professional Development and Extensions

Here are some of the Biodanza professional development trainings and extensions I have taken. My deepest gratitude to the amazing teachers and schools offering professional development opportunities all over the world!

  • Continued Learning. Antonio Sarpe Program. Radicalization of Progressivity and 5 lines of Vivencial Progressivity (Antonio Sarpe Academy)

  • The Poetics of Instincts (Antonio Sarpe Academy)

  • From Willem Reich to Rolando Toro (Antonio Sarpe Academy)

  • Biocentric Systems for Organizations (Liliana Viotti)

  • Biocentric Education: Universidade Biocêntrica (Fortaleza, Brazil)

  • Methodological Update Course (Buenos Aires School of Biodanza, Veronica Toro and Raul Terren)

  • Music and Musical Semantics (Buenos Aires School of Biodanza, More Gemma and Franco Luciani)

  • LIBS 2 Research Laboratory (Viviana Toro and Rodrigo Toro, Scuolatoro Unipib)

  • The Tree of Desires (Biodanza Solar, Silvia Eick, Escola Biodanza Original SRT Solar DE, Porto Alegre, Brazil)

  • Biodanza and Tarot (Biodanza Solar, Silvia Eick, Escola Biodanza Original SRT Solar DE, Porto Alegre, Brazil)


I look forward to dancing with you!

Biodanza with Babsi

Tel: 510-529-6321


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